Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Hive Minds": could they provide partial immortality?

Isaac Arthur’s “Hive Minds” on Patreon. 

Arthur describes the “Hive Mind” as a step up in shared information from “networked intelligence”, which is simply a community of individuals (they can be animals) with some ability to communicate to a social group (that might be the Internet, or it might be sonar for dolphins).  Networked intelligence (even without the Hive) can keep the work of deceased people in circulation (which we know so well with music), so that might keep a thread of former soul consciousness "alive". 
Arhtur goes through many sci-fi book series, but notes that Hive minds would face limitations of the speed of light.

The most obvious example of a “hive mind” in nature may be a bee or ant colony. The video does indirectly describe what sounds like “honeybee democracy”.
In science fiction there seems to be a practice of conscription, getting individuals to join and gradually experience themselves through the entire hire.

The film "Independence Day" in 1996 presented a mega-ship filled with a hive. Arthur C. Clarke explored this idea in "Childhood's End". 

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