Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Colonizing Titan ("Outward Bound" series): The solar system's center for AI, where computing is so efficient that people upload their minds to the iCloud

Isaac Arthur offers the 30-minute animated narrated film “Colonizing Titan” in his “Outward Bound” series that has covered Venus, Mars, and will later cover the moons of Jupiter and Jupiter itself.  A spaceship colony called Borman seems to be the focal point of all the colonization.

The key idea is that Titan has enormous resources of hydrocarbons, but also its low temperatures makes the thermodynamics of computing and manufacturing by robots much more efficient than on Earth. 

He proposes tethered columns of ramas with artificial gravity by rotation for livable habitats, but also claims that computing is so efficient that people will be able to live without bodies inside computers once their minds are uploaded.  Titan could become the lodestone of artificial intelligence for the solar system.  I guess the people who keep their bodies (and have access to sex and fantasies of sexual attractiveness) will use Andraka nanobots in their bloodstreams to stay healthy.
If people could be uploaded to AI machines, they could become immortal and not need to reproduce.  Peter Thiel would approve. 

Update: Jan. 24 

New video story on MSN about another planed mission to Titan (robots only). 

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