Monday, December 11, 2017

Will the 20th Century Fox logo survive Disney?

The deal for Disney to acquire most of Fox assets leaves open the question whether 20th Century Fox, with its triumphant fanfare, will continue to be a visible company in Hollywood, at least as a production entity. 
There’s the Wall Street Journal Story today

Would Fox Searchlight survive?  Several companies (largely Warner Brothers and Paramount) seem to have stopped labeling their “independent” movies separately.


Remember in 1953, with “The Robe”, there would follow, “A Cinemascope picture”. 

Update Dec. 14

Disney has announced its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, story by Yahoo.   Disney will start its own streaming service in 2019 to compete with Netflix, which means many films won't be available on both.  That sounds like a studio's answer to no net neutrality? 

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