Friday, December 22, 2017

"Triple Standard": short film about gay men in sports and the external veneer of traditional marriage

William Branden Blinn’s short film “Triple Standard” (18 minutes) again explores personal honesty when coming out among gay men.

The film starts with a basketball team, and some homophobic locker room jokes after a game.

But then two of the players retreat home.  One of the men (Lee Amir-Cohen) is married with three kids but dates the younger man (William Jennings, I think), who suddenly says, “I’m done”. The married man wants to insist that he is really “straight” and legitimate and can have a double life, with a separate family.  In the next fifteen minutes, they have their confrontation over a “triple standard”. The film dates to 2010, long before it was clear how the gay marriage debate would play out. 

The film is timely in that major league sports are now adopting non-discrimination clauses for sexual orientation.  “Days of our Lives” has a gay character who was a major league baseball pitcher.

I’ve embedded the copy from his channel which is free.  Some of his films (especially if they would be rated R) require rental from his own site.  I would prefer to see rental on Amazon or YouTube (which works if you have a credit card registered with your Google account -- $3.99 would a typical price for a longer short film).  As with many films, I saw some copycat versions out there. 

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