Saturday, December 16, 2017

"Thirteen or So Minutes": very personal short gay film by Branden Blinn

Here is Branden Blinn’s short film “13 or so Minutes” (the film title seems based on the film's clock length).  Blinn, from what I can see, really likes films about “straight men” (very cis) exploring their homoerotic interests and then sometimes coming out.

Nick Soper plays a handsome white dude who invites a partly Hispanic American (Carlos Salas) up to his apartment for friendship. They talk and become intimate.  The film opens with about a minute of no picture – I would have preferred to see what is going on.

The film consists of the talking, Ninth Street Center style, after sex.  I would have been interested in the buildup of tension first, rather than its release.  In Paul Rosenfels categories, Soper plays the masculine personality.  Both men have "balanced" personalities. Blinn's work seems to deal with "the polarities". 

Soper plays the 100% cis male, with hairy chest and aggressive body language. 

Soper talks about his relationship to his cat.  It would have been good for this to be shown. Some feral cats seem to like mildly autistic and or introverted people, whom the cats perceive as more like them. Cats definitely form opinions on "good" and "bad" people from their worldviews.  
This is very much indoor guerilla movie making.

Blinn rents some of his more explicit films (or major features) on his own platform He says some of them would be rated as adult by YouTube.  I would like to be able to rent them through Amazon or YouTube (which does offer rentals on your Google wallet or account, once you set it up with your credit card).  This strikes me as analogous to the way musicians prefer to use Bandcamp rather than Amazon.  But it’s fine to pay for content.  People have to make a living. 

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