Monday, December 18, 2017

"Rudolph's Movie Experience" at Busch Gardens Christmas Town in Williamsburg

Rudolph’s Movie Experience” is a 15-minute short animated film shown at ChristmasTown during the Christmas season when Busch Gardens in Williamsburg VA is redecorated.

The story shows Rudolph saving his family from an “abominable snowman” or yeti, who finally gets welcomed into the family.

The film has a 4D effect in that soap-bubble snow is thrown over the seating area at certain points to look like snow flurries.  The snow flakes actually disintegrate at about the same rate that real snow flakes would melt (The temperature was about 50 F at night when I saw it outside.)

The film is shown in the Italy section near the Pompeii exhibit, which at night looks like an alien landscape with the bizarre use of blues and purples.

The park also has stage shows (in the Festhaus) and some other stage performances, such as “Scrooge” at the Globe Replica, which I did not have time to see. 

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