Tuesday, December 12, 2017

National Geographic's "Tomb of Christ" experience

Today I visited the “Tomb of Christ: The Church of Holy Sepulchre Experience” multi-media including film, exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DX on 17th street.  The best link seems to be this
Wikipedia explains the history of the site of many of the events regarding the Crucifixion and Resurrection here. At the time of Christ, the city of Jerusalem did not quite include this area but has grown around it, with all three major religions.

Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel (and arguably would be so for a Palestinian state), but Donald Trump’s actions this week have been viewed as controversial and have stimulated some violence. But Israel had captured East Jerusalem from Joran in 1967.

The exhibit starts with a series of film clips, leading to a simulated bazaar. Then you step into a 3-D surrounding film experience of the tomb area including oculus itself,, as well as edicule.   The experience ends with a virtual reality experience with googles of the courtyard area.  So this is a trip to the church for $15, without the airfare. 
Photography without flash seemed to be allowed for most of the exhibit; typically photography of film scenes itself is not permitted. It would not work with the 3-D portions. 

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