Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Consequence": age-old problem of jealousy in a gay male relationship

Peter Michael’s “Consequence” (19 minutes, 2016) presents a slender and attractive young executive (Ty, Matthew James French), in a relationship with an insecure lover (Jordan Grant), who is so jealous that in an opening scene he vomits.
When a female friend asks him to return something to another gay male friend’s house, that friend (James Goldfeder) comes on to Ty.  John finds out and, well, “it’s over”.  How many times have I heard this before.
The middle-film scene with the Goldfeder’s character (also rather likeable) could have been extended more and shown clean through, rather than interrupted. 

Toward the end, Ty tries a "Scarlet-to-Rhett" apology and it doesn't work. Remember Rhett's speech from "Gone with the Wind" where Rhett says "I'm sorry" isn't enough.  He doesn't forgive. 
Some of the spoken voices don’t seem to have enough volume when played from YouTube on a modern computer (Windows 10, Creators Update)
The film seems to take place in Australia.  Everyone seems well off economically.
I knew a Peter Michael when I was coming out a second time in New Jersey in 1973.  I don’t know if the director could be the same person.
It’s interesting that the film doesn’t get into marriage equality. The characters, however well accomplished in the business world, are not ready for that. 

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