Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"War on Boys": animated video shared by Milo, from PragerU

Here’s a five-minute Facbook videoBeing a Normal Boy Is a Serious Liability in Today’s Classroom”, shared by Milo Yiannopoulos.  It seems to be part of a group “War on Boys”.'

True the school systems have skewed reading programs and behavioral expectations that make boys into “defective girls”.  One is reminded of a book by Patricia Sexton in the 1970s, “Men of Steel and Velvet”.  This gets into George Gilder territory.

The video maintains boys will learn reading if shown action stories.  (But some boys are drawn quickly to science.)  It was critical of “contemplative poetry” in many high school English curricula.

It also says school need to end zero-tolerance policies.  A seven-year-old boy was expelled for chewing a popsicle into the shape of a toy gun.

It also wants to bring back recess – daytime physical activity in the real world, away from screens or video.  

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