Thursday, November 09, 2017

Vox: "Harassment is Breaking Twitter's Free Speech Experiment"

Harassment is Breaking Twitter’s Free Speech Experiment” is a rather disturbing video by Vox Media narrated by Carlos Maza (who is indeed super “attractive”).

Carlos explains how both Twitter and the earlier Blogger were conceived as open free speech flatforms that would enrich public debate by the lack of pre-censorship and gatekeepers.

But Twitter, particularly, has found that the bullies want to rule the roost by intimidating the “weak”. And there are new concerns about foreign manipulation (fake news) and recruiting (as by ISIS).

Not mentioned is the threat (like from the Backpage controversy) to Section 230, which would protect platforms like Twitter from downstream liability for defamation.

Some activists maintain that specific groups (neo-Nazi’s) should not be allowed to be on platforms at all because of the specific (based on history) political threat they pose to certain protected groups.  

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