Thursday, November 16, 2017

"In the Stable": short gay film from France stresses "cis male" values with some subtlety

Here is a tender gay short film “In the Stable” apparently set in the countryside in France.

The young man in the formal shirt riding the horse will exploit his clean-cut appearance.

Sometimes “less” means more erotic.  You don’t need to show very much.  Theoretically, this film would stay in the PG-13 territory.

But there is no question, this film appeals to (white) “cis male” gay values, which have suddenly become morally controversial on the far left, as they indirectly oppress people who are less physically perfect.  This presents the ultimate upward affiliation trip. Milo would like this film. 
Note the music, the quiet section of Rossini’s “William Tell” Overture. 

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