Monday, November 13, 2017

"Charlottesville: Our Streets" premiers at the Virginia Film Festival

While I don’t usually post reviews of films I haven’t seen yet, I have invited guest reviews on a Wordpress blog, and today I wanted to share Rick Sincere’s review of “Charlottesville: Our Streets”, a documentary shown Sunday Nov. 12 at the Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville. 
Here is the panel discussion:

Here is Rick’s review, at Bearing Drift. The film is directed by Jackson Landers and Brian Wimer, and may be viewed as a work still being completed. Rick has the review on his own site here.
Landers also wrote the script.  This is record time for shooting a documentary on an event with some catastrophic results (one death), as well as a shock to many people (like me) who had not taken seriously the idea that “white supremacists” had been “organizing”.

I did attend Charlottesville gay pride on Sept. 16, a much happier event, and much “nicer” people. Nearby, a half-mile away. the Robert E. Lee statue had already been covered. 

The Washington Post has a detailed prospective article on the film Nov. 12 by Joe Helm here
The filmmakers tell me on Facebook that they are looking for distribution channels, for both theatrical showing and DVD / streaming.  I wonder if there will be a push for sponsors for screenings (in homes, schools, condo rooms, etc).  I expect to see the film as soon as it is available and provide my own detailed review on Wordpress.  I would think this film would become a big draw in the indie documentary market. 

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