Thursday, October 05, 2017

"Will Sirius B Supernova Destroy Earth"? (Patreon)

Anton Petrov in “What a Math” for Patreon asks “Will Sirius B Supernova Destroy Earth?”

Sirius B is a White Dwarf rotating around Sirius A, the Dog Star, the brightest star in the sky, 8.3 light years away.  If Sirius A got large enough, Sirius B might acquire enough mass to blow up as a supernova.

On Earth the sky would brighten, but the atmosphere of Earth would be fried away by radiation in about 70 years.  Think of it as a really super solar storm.

But Sirius A really won’t enlarge enough to make Sirius B gain mass any time soon. We’ll die of the usual things first. 
By NASA/SAO/CXC - CHANDRA X-ray Observatory CXC Operated for NASA by SAO, url=, Public Domain, Link

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