Saturday, October 28, 2017

Meet the film distributor A24, master of eclectic independent film

The little film distributor A24, in NYC, is indeed getting some attention for distributing eclectic independent films, as particularly explored in this GQ article that interviews some moguls (they do include Harvey Weinstein prior to his fall). 
The company, founded by Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges, has specialized in releasing eclectic films that may not always be politically correct or share everyone’s social norms.

Some of the most important are “Moonlight” (2016 Best Picture), “The Lobster” (2016), “Room” (2016), “Amy” (2016), “Ex Machina” (2015), “Locke” (2014), and “Enemy” (2014).

The company is willing to invest in character-driven films centered around people with unusual, even eclectic challenges and motivations.

It announces itself with a simple logo and no music.  Maybe simplicity is part of the message (I do enjoy the music signatures of 20th Century Fox, Columbia, Universal, Paramount, and Lionsgate, when I get to hear them.) 

Here’s a good article on A24 by Eric McInnis from Arcadia University, here

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