Sunday, October 01, 2017

"Chicken Little": Disney animated film has surprising warning about online reputation pre-Facebook

I thought I would re-visit my old review of the animated Disney 3-D film, “Chicken Little”, written and directed by Mark Dindal in 2005.  I remember seeing it at the old National Entertainment complex in Merrifield before it was torn down to build the Angelica Mosaic complex (centered around the new Target, with huge apartment complexes).

In the film, Chicken Little (voice of Zach Braff) gets hit by an acorn falling from a tree. When he posts that the sky is falling on the Internet, it goes viral (from Google, in the pre-Facebook days) and his online reputation suffers, as does his family’s.  Chicken little redeems himself in a baseball game by hitting a pop fly that goes for an inside the park home run when the opposing team falls asleep out of lack of respect for him.

What a lesson in how (not) to draw attention to yourself with passive marketing.

In the Army, at Fort Eustis, they called me “Chicken Man.” 

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