Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Video: "Homosexuality: it's About Survival, not Sex"

I’ll let this Ted Talk (or “Ted Tallaght”) video shared by Don Kilhefner, “Gay Tribal Elder”, count as a movie.  (Maybe, as in the Minnesota comedy “Great Lakes” James Byrne), it counts as a job interview.)

James O’Keefe (17 minutes) explains “Homosexuality: It’s About Survival, not Sex”. 
O’Keefe explains the well known epigenetic mechanism that raises the probability that a son will be gay by 30% with each successive son after the first from the same mother.  This is partly a measure of population control.  It also provides an altruistic backup, that will help raise the other children and provide more personality variety for the entire tribe.  He compares this to social ants. The queen controls the personalities of workers by the way she treat the eggs, to get various kinds of traits.

O’Keefe talks about heterosexism and “second class citizenship”.  But his theory would tend to demand that a gay person stay home around the family as a spare caregiver rather than establish his separate independent interaction with the outer world.  My own experience is that it is difficult for me to get involved with the physicality of other people's lives if I didn't have my own kids (social capital) but I'm an unusual case as an only child. 

O’keefe looks at men but says the theory would work the same with women.
The theory would really work with sibling transplants, as with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America recently. 

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