Thursday, September 28, 2017

"The Backpage Case and CDA 230" and "Section 230 Exceptions"

Raines Feldman Cyber Liability with “The Usual Suspects”:, present “The Backpage Case and CDA 230”.  

This was actually a criminal case that got to the California Supreme Court.

This is user-generated content – but is Backpage allowing the illegality “knowingly”?

They also talk about Airbnb’s use of Section 230.  

They talk about the owners of the “tools of criminality” not being liable if there are legitimate uses of what they sell (WhatsApp);   Somehow this reminds me of Paladin and "Hit Man" in the 1990s. 

Also watch Brad Thomson discussion “Section 230 Exceptions”, which are four in number.  He presents two important cases.

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