Wednesday, September 06, 2017

"The Atomic Cafe": get ready to "duck and cover" again

With all the furor over North Korea, maybe this is an opportune time to recall the film “The Atomic Café” (1982), directed by Jayne Loader, Kevim Rafferty and Pierce Rafferty.  I remember seeing the film in Dallas in the 1980s at the Inwood Theater on Mockingbird Lane.

The documentary (86 min) is a collage of news reels, old aspect, black and white, about surviving a world of mutually assured destruction, particularly the inadequate and laughable “duck and cover” drills underneath desks in grade schools.

And, oh yes, there is a café somewhere in New Mexico called this.
The film seems to belong to Journeyman Pictures;  it originally came from Libra Films.

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