Thursday, September 28, 2017

"The Backpage Case and CDA 230" and "Section 230 Exceptions"

Raines Feldman Cyber Liability with “The Usual Suspects”:, present “The Backpage Case and CDA 230”.  

This was actually a criminal case that got to the California Supreme Court.

This is user-generated content – but is Backpage allowing the illegality “knowingly”?

They also talk about Airbnb’s use of Section 230.  

They talk about the owners of the “tools of criminality” not being liable if there are legitimate uses of what they sell (WhatsApp);   Somehow this reminds me of Paladin and "Hit Man" in the 1990s. 

Also watch Brad Thomson discussion “Section 230 Exceptions”, which are four in number.  He presents two important cases.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

"What Would Happen If You Fell into Jupiter?"

What Would Happen If You Fell Into Jupiter”, from Patreon’s “Answers with Joe” series.

Joe starts out with footage from the May 3, 1999 tornado inMoore, OK, which produced winds of 318 mph. 

That’s a typical wind speed high in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

After you pass the ammonia ice layers, you are in hydrogen that gets thicker and hotter, and pretty soon you are fried and crushed to death.  That’s not to mention dealing with the magnetic fields or “Van Allen” belts. 

Joe then explains the supercritical state of matter, between gas and liquid, before metallic hydrogen is reached.

Joe's comment about Van Allen belts is interesting because there has been recent literature suggesting an EMP attack (as from North Korea) could affect the Earth's Vam Allen belts (Australian source).  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

"Pay It Forward": recent project by Jon Bon Jovi recalls the 2000 movie

CNN on Saturday morning ran a story about Jon Bon Jovi’s soul kitchen in Philadelphia with a “pay it forward” option for diners, and sweat equity for the needy.  It sounds like a worth project for someone with the social initiative to set it up, CNN story here.

That reminds me of the 2000 film “Pay It Forward”, from Warner Brothers, directed by Mimi Leder, based on the novel by Catherine Ryan-Hide.

A social studies teacher Eugene Sisomert played by Kevin Spacey comes up with the idea to challenge his students, especially Trevor McKinney (Trevor Joel Osment) to do something to make the world better. Specifically the plan should really help people with things they can’t do for themselves, but that requires them to extend cooperation with others.

The first beneficiaries include an alcoholic mother (Helen Hunt) and a drug addict (James Cavaziel).

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Video: "Homosexuality: it's About Survival, not Sex"

I’ll let this Ted Talk (or “Ted Tallaght”) video shared by Don Kilhefner, “Gay Tribal Elder”, count as a movie.  (Maybe, as in the Minnesota comedy “Great Lakes” James Byrne), it counts as a job interview.)

James O’Keefe (17 minutes) explains “Homosexuality: It’s About Survival, not Sex”. 
O’Keefe explains the well known epigenetic mechanism that raises the probability that a son will be gay by 30% with each successive son after the first from the same mother.  This is partly a measure of population control.  It also provides an altruistic backup, that will help raise the other children and provide more personality variety for the entire tribe.  He compares this to social ants. The queen controls the personalities of workers by the way she treat the eggs, to get various kinds of traits.

O’Keefe talks about heterosexism and “second class citizenship”.  But his theory would tend to demand that a gay person stay home around the family as a spare caregiver rather than establish his separate independent interaction with the outer world.  My own experience is that it is difficult for me to get involved with the physicality of other people's lives if I didn't have my own kids (social capital) but I'm an unusual case as an only child. 

O’keefe looks at men but says the theory would work the same with women.
The theory would really work with sibling transplants, as with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America recently. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

"4th Generation Nuclear Weapons": and these could matter right now

“EnigmaHood” gives us a 15-minute video “4th Generation Nuclear Weapons

The weapon with the spinning top from “Inception” in fact has an anti-matter trigger.  The basic concept is to replace fission triggers for the thermonuclear fusion, and anti-matter triggers would allow for extreme miniaturization (beyond even the “suitcase nukes” widely speculated after 9/11).
The  presentation gives a history of all generations of nuclear weapons, including 3rd (neutron and cobalt weapons). 

It’s possible that bunker-busting tactical nuclear weapons could be used against North Korean missile sites, or so it would sound from this video. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"The Blacklist: How an Underground Script List Changed Movies"

The Blacklist: How an Underground Script List Changed Movies”, a seven-minute short by Vox, explains The Blacklist.  No, that’s not the Blacklist that trapped Dalton Trumbo, nor is it the NBC series with Kevin Spacey.  This is a list of scripts, submitted to WGA (the Writer’s Guild West”) that have gone unnoticed, but occasionally somebody bothers to read some of them. 

Mel Gibson picks up “The Beaver”, a 2011 comedy by Kyle Killen, whose script had appeared on this “list”.

Other films that came from the Blacklist include “Argo” (Oct. 14, 2012) and “Juno” (2007).

You can look at some of Kyle’s blog posts, such as one in 2008 about the Blacklist and another one about personal embarrassment in Austin.

I have one script at WGA, a horror sci-fi script "Baltimore Is Missing" (2002), which means literally that.  A wormhole (caused by a rogue brown dwarf approaching the Solar System) consumes an Amtrak train approaching Baltimore as the protagonists (me) find themselves to be puppets in someone else's model railroad layout.  There's even a straight marriage of some sort, maybe something that would have satisfied Babbitt.  And there's one Wal-Mart in the layout.  Familiarity breeds contempt. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hillary Clinton Interview Movie by Vox Media ("What Happened") .

Call this a movie if you like (51 minutes).

Ezra Klein of Vox media interviews Hillary Clinton about her book ("What Happened") which I will be reviewing on Wordpress soon.

Hillary talks about universal basic income in the beginning.

Later she says that the hard right wants a constitutional convention to make the government friendlier to business and to inculcate come elements of Christianity into public life, possibly to clamp down on gay rights (by inference).

She sticks to her guns on universal health care coverage.

She talks about the ironies of the Medicaid expansion and the Supreme Court's sabotage of it.

Hillary also mentioned Trump's playing the "zero sum game card", where Trump's base of supporters believe that advances by non-white or non-straight or non-male people came at their expropriated expense. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

"Gliese 710: The Star that Will Enter our Solar System"

Gliese 710: The Star that will Enter our Solar System”, by Anton Petrov, of What Da Math, presents a video diagram of the path of this star, a bit smaller than the Sun, that will pass less than one light year (actually 77 light days) from the Sun and Earth in about 1.35 million years.

The star would pass through the Earth’s Oort Cloud  and could deflect comets and asteroids, causing Tunguska like events (like the explosion over Siberia in 1908). The star could bring its own planets and Oort Cloud.  It would not approach closely enough to raise the temperature on Earth.

Wikipedia attribution link for Oort cloud diagram 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Can Jupiter Ever Become a Star?"

“Can Jupiter Ever Become a Star?”, short film by Anton Petrov.

60 masses would make a brown dwarf, which would be smaller in volume but denser.  It takes 78 masses to make a red dwarf star.

What’s more interesting is to wonder what Jupiter’s hydrogen ocean would “look like”, or, for that matter its layer of metallic hydrogen.

Remember how in “2010” Jupiter turns into a star. Not possible.  (See also July 30 post.) 

Wikipedia attribution link, NASA, p.d. 

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

"The Atomic Cafe": get ready to "duck and cover" again

With all the furor over North Korea, maybe this is an opportune time to recall the film “The Atomic Café” (1982), directed by Jayne Loader, Kevim Rafferty and Pierce Rafferty.  I remember seeing the film in Dallas in the 1980s at the Inwood Theater on Mockingbird Lane.

The documentary (86 min) is a collage of news reels, old aspect, black and white, about surviving a world of mutually assured destruction, particularly the inadequate and laughable “duck and cover” drills underneath desks in grade schools.

And, oh yes, there is a café somewhere in New Mexico called this.
The film seems to belong to Journeyman Pictures;  it originally came from Libra Films.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

"Mars One Way": five people who would enter their afterlives early

Would You Go to Mars If You Could Never Come Back to Earth”?  (short title “Mars One Way”), from Vita Brevis Films and NatGeo. 

Well, not if you have kids.  Once you go, you’re already in your afterlife.  One female would-be astronaut says she still has ten years to live it up, but then that last day here comes. 
But if you’re special (not just different) you might well go.