Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"The Nuclear Requiem": 70 years of nuclear weapons

Robert E. Frye’s film, “The Nuclear Requiem: The Nuclear World Project” (2016), originally 90 minutes, was shown tonight in abridged 56-minute format tonight on PBS Maryland Public Television in Annapolis.

The film summarizes the history of nuclear weapons starting with the Trinity test in 1945, over 70 years ago.  The son of a survivor from Hiroshima describes the event and the burns from radiation.

The film moves through the Cold War, with Russia and China, and barely mentions the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It eventually cover’s Reagan’s approach to Gorbachev to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Later it mentions the possibility of terrorists making dirty bombs, and then covers the recent history (up to 2015) of North Korea’s building nuclear weapons and missiles. 

The music is by Alain Kremski.

The official site is here

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