Monday, August 21, 2017

"MILO Meets James Damore" turns out to be a real feature movie

MILO Meets James Damore, Author of the Google Memo” turns out to be a nice 62-minute interview film. I am reminded of "My Dinner with Andre".  

Milo does most of the talking.  Damore’s answers tend to be brief.  Both have an appealing physical presence for the interview, which I believe was shot in a New York City hotel.

Very early Milo talks about punditry and his own role as a provocateur.  Some people give their opinions for a living. That is what I am trying to do in retirement (or, as in a baseball game, “in relief”). 

Toward the end, Milo asks if tech companies (starting by kicking off Daily Stormer) are going to “snitch” on politically incorrect pundits and try to drive them off.  Milo says that that now speakers have to “pay their dues to the social justice industry.” 

The interview explains how Damore’s “manifesto” was stripped of some of its references before its circulation on the web, to make it appear more prejudiced (when it is not).

Milo also said that Google search results are biased deliberately toward diversity when presenting people, rather than by mere notability (as Wikipedia defines the idea).

Milo also explored the idea that Trump won the election because the “elitist” Left kept trying to drag everyone into its own bubble.  He noted that many Republican voters live in rural areas and are less interested in tech and live the way we did before the Internet. 

The tone of the remarks in the interview tended to resemble those of my third “Do Ask Do Tell” book, especially the “Epilogue” of the non-fiction part.  I tend to see the right to be heard in terms of individualized karma, not in terms of (an oppressed) group membership.

Where will Danore go to work?  Wikileaks?  Breitbart?  Will Milo be invited back to Breitbart now that Bannon has returned? 

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