Monday, August 07, 2017

"Jack Andraka: The Hidden Innovator" talks about bullying and then science and nanobots

Jack Andraka gives a talk in September 2015, “Jack Andraka: The Hidden Innovator” for Wired for Wonder.

In the early part of the video he addresses anti-nerd and ant-gay bullying (the latter may follow the former) in middle school. 

He presents many illustrations from his progress toward his pancreatic cancer test, which won a big science fair award in Pittsburgh in 2013 when he was 16. 

Toward the end he presents ideas, which he works on at Stanford where he now enters his junior year, toward using naontechnology to deliver anti-cancer drugs or to even detect early cancers.  One can imagine, from the illustrations, his getting together with Reid Ewing and making an animated film using manga or Danganronpa characters interacting with nanobots inside the human body 

By LPS.1 - Own work, CC0, wiki link

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