Thursday, August 31, 2017

"Black Lives Matter Has a List of Demands for White People": video critique of Helm's "manifesto"

Black Lives Matter Has a List of Demands from White People” by Red Pill Black (Candace Orens), Channelle Helm.

The speaker does not support Chenelle’s demands for generational reparations. The speaker gives her own critique at the end of the film.

But if you read them (Breitbart article or Leoweekly manifesto) they’re pretty shocking.  People who inherit homes they don’t live in should give them to families of color.  People without descendants should also will their homes to non-white families.  She says white people can make back their money because of inherited privilege.

I do remember how the People’s Party of New Jersey back in 1972 wanted to get rid of inherited wealth (“heiristocracy”). 

I do think that privilege comes with responsibilities, but I don’t see it as parceled along lines of color or any group identity.

See "Dear White People" here on 2014/11/4.

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