Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Ashton Kutcher addresses Congress on sex trafficking (video from C-SPAN)

For the first “movie” this month (major reviews are now on Wordpress), I’ll embed 15 minutes of  (actor, film producer)  Ashton Kutcher’s passionate testimony about sex trafficking before Congress early this year.

Kutcher ties sex trafficking to unintended consequences of other policies, especially reluctance to provide more help to refugees.  He also says that 70% of those in prison and 80% of those on death rom have been in the US foster care system.

He also attributes sex trafficking crime to a sense of marginalization and purposelessness in a competitive society.  He mentions the Dark Web, but does not directly mention regular websites, hosting providers, downstream liability and Section 230.  I have a posting on my main “BillBoushka” blog today (see the Profile) about a new Senate bill that reduces Section 230 with respect to trafficking and the controversies associated with Backpage.

Mr. Kutcher had the Thorn Digital Defenders of Children project in Los Angeles. 

Kutcher (“@aplusk” on Twitter) coined the phrase “Real men don’t buy girls”.
In 2012, Kutcher tweeted an invitation to his followers to a party in the Hollywood Hills the week I was there staying on the 405.  I didn’t try to go.  

I'm struck again with wondering why the presidency attracts someone like Trump, but not Kutcher (now 39), who is so obviously fit for office.  Public office is attracting the wrong people. 

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