Thursday, August 31, 2017

"Black Lives Matter Has a List of Demands for White People": video critique of Helm's "manifesto"

Black Lives Matter Has a List of Demands from White People” by Red Pill Black (Candace Orens), Channelle Helm.

The speaker does not support Chenelle’s demands for generational reparations. The speaker gives her own critique at the end of the film.

But if you read them (Breitbart article or Leoweekly manifesto) they’re pretty shocking.  People who inherit homes they don’t live in should give them to families of color.  People without descendants should also will their homes to non-white families.  She says white people can make back their money because of inherited privilege.

I do remember how the People’s Party of New Jersey back in 1972 wanted to get rid of inherited wealth (“heiristocracy”). 

I do think that privilege comes with responsibilities, but I don’t see it as parceled along lines of color or any group identity.

See "Dear White People" here on 2014/11/4.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"The Nuclear Requiem": 70 years of nuclear weapons

Robert E. Frye’s film, “The Nuclear Requiem: The Nuclear World Project” (2016), originally 90 minutes, was shown tonight in abridged 56-minute format tonight on PBS Maryland Public Television in Annapolis.

The film summarizes the history of nuclear weapons starting with the Trinity test in 1945, over 70 years ago.  The son of a survivor from Hiroshima describes the event and the burns from radiation.

The film moves through the Cold War, with Russia and China, and barely mentions the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It eventually cover’s Reagan’s approach to Gorbachev to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Later it mentions the possibility of terrorists making dirty bombs, and then covers the recent history (up to 2015) of North Korea’s building nuclear weapons and missiles. 

The music is by Alain Kremski.

The official site is here

Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Alien Megastructure Around Tabby's Star": maybe this really is a ringed Dyson Sphere

Alien Megastructure Around Tabby’s Star”, by Suspect Sky.(10 min)

The speaker, who is very articulate, argues that the comet swarm and debris theories are unlikely to account for 22% dimming at irregular intervals.  A ringed partial Dyson Sphere could account for it.  Imagine a hotel room on one of the rings, with artificial gravity.  But it would take 1400 years for your Facebook post to arrive back on Earth.

The speaker also explains Dyson swarms, which would cover many stars in a galaxy, and speculates on Civilization types, one of which might have swarmed out a whole area of galaxies leaving “Fuyt’s Void”.

Here’s a good article on Futurism as to Humanity’s capabilities.

NASA Bernal Sphere colony illustration, public domain, wki.  

Thursday, August 24, 2017

"My Life in North Korea v. South Korea" by Jacob Laukaitis

"My Life in North Korea v. South Korea", is a stunning video (15 minutes) by  23-year old filmmaker JacobLaukaitis, who speaks to the audience (English) in a very slight accent (sounds German).

Jacob tours modern life in free, capitalist South Korea after giving a brief history lesson of the country, especially the 1950-1953 Korean War.  He tours super modern Seoul, rides a bullet train, and hikes in fog-shrouded mountains.  Sometimes he rides on a motorcycle with a local friend (I don’t recommend riding between lanes anywhere).  He often intersperses pictures from the South.

Then I found his earlier film “My Daily Life in North Korea (7 Day Mystery Trip)” (link) which he took apparently in late 2016.  He had fallen off a bike in Vietnam and had a left arm in a cast.  He explains how the tour is closely guided and activities are supervised, as “the proles” put on shows for visitors behaving in unison like zombies worshipping Kim Jong Un. There is a unison musical performance, a film (remember “The Flower Girl”, which I saw in New York City in 1974 at Washington Square Methodist Church)  He rides one roller coaster in Pyongyang. He also stays in the notorious island hotel where Otto Warmbier had stayed, and he briefly gives the tragic history of Warmbier’s supposed “crime” (photo proof seems questionable), imprisonment, coma and death.  The forbidden fifth floor had housed the DPRK police.

He also gives the narrative of one man who was smuggled to China and worked as a peasant for 3 years before being able to come to South Korea.

Americans can no longer visit North Korea as tourists (as of Sept. 1).
These are technically outstanding videos, recently published, and ought to be shown in film festivals.  I don't know how he got a cameraman do do all those shots legally in North Korea.  

Jacob's second film does seem to be a kind-hearted warning to the US that it would put all of South Korea of into a target to be ravaged by war should Trump strike North Korea pre-emptively.

He seems to be a filmmaker to watch, very aware of the politics and people both.

Wikipedia attribution link for picture of train at Incheon by Minsoeng Kim under CCSA 4/0 

Monday, August 21, 2017

"MILO Meets James Damore" turns out to be a real feature movie

MILO Meets James Damore, Author of the Google Memo” turns out to be a nice 62-minute interview film. I am reminded of "My Dinner with Andre".  

Milo does most of the talking.  Damore’s answers tend to be brief.  Both have an appealing physical presence for the interview, which I believe was shot in a New York City hotel.

Very early Milo talks about punditry and his own role as a provocateur.  Some people give their opinions for a living. That is what I am trying to do in retirement (or, as in a baseball game, “in relief”). 

Toward the end, Milo asks if tech companies (starting by kicking off Daily Stormer) are going to “snitch” on politically incorrect pundits and try to drive them off.  Milo says that that now speakers have to “pay their dues to the social justice industry.” 

The interview explains how Damore’s “manifesto” was stripped of some of its references before its circulation on the web, to make it appear more prejudiced (when it is not).

Milo also said that Google search results are biased deliberately toward diversity when presenting people, rather than by mere notability (as Wikipedia defines the idea).

Milo also explored the idea that Trump won the election because the “elitist” Left kept trying to drag everyone into its own bubble.  He noted that many Republican voters live in rural areas and are less interested in tech and live the way we did before the Internet. 

The tone of the remarks in the interview tended to resemble those of my third “Do Ask Do Tell” book, especially the “Epilogue” of the non-fiction part.  I tend to see the right to be heard in terms of individualized karma, not in terms of (an oppressed) group membership.

Where will Danore go to work?  Wikileaks?  Breitbart?  Will Milo be invited back to Breitbart now that Bannon has returned? 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

"Washington Fiddles While a Debt Ceiling Crisis Looms": video consists mostly of charts -- but Sept. 29, 2017 can be doomsday

Washington Fiddles While a Debt-Ceiling Crisis Looms”, posted by Manec074 in mid-July 2017, warns about the current looming deadline on Congress’s raising the debt ceiling, by Friday, September 29, 2017.

To say the least, the Trump Administration is completely distracted.  Steve Mnuchin, the current Treasury secretary, has been pressured to resign by his Yale crowd over Trump’s recent insensitivity on race.  Mnuchin has argued that Congress should get this done without a partisan poltical fight or bickering.
There is another rambling video by Alice Lake that goes into this, but tangentially.  Interesting here is the discussion of housing costs in San Francisco, where workers pay $1900 a month to live in communal bunk-bed housing, almost like in China.  

Friday, August 18, 2017

"Did Political Correctness Cause Fascism in the US?" looks at "Kill All Normies" and "Capitalist Realism"

“Did Political Correctness Cause Fascism in the US?” by Zero Books, challenges a view that Angela Nagle’s “Kill All Normies” makes such a claim.  It does get into the idea that modernity leaves a lot of young men behind as individuals, so some will try to look to authoritarian structures to give meaning and make everybody play.

The short film presents a clip from “West Side Story” and then presents the arguments from Mark Fisher’s “Capitalist Realism”.  Finally, it talks about realism in turns of the two sides of a spinning coin as a whole, rather like the thimble in “Inception”. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Titan: Possibility of Life" and it may be vaguely like earthly jellyfish

Titan: Possibility of Life” is an engaging 2017 documentary (43 minutes) by Aerospace Engineering.

The film shows the internal structure of Titan which, like Europa, has am underwater ocean. But the now famous thick atmosphere, with a surface of lakes and mountains that can erupt with ammonia water, is explained by violence in the Solar System about 4 billion years as outer planet orbits expanded, throwing a lot of objects into the atmosphere of Titan (as well as Earth).

The chemistry of the atmosphere is explained, as an organic chemistry lesson.  A post-doc fellow proposes how protein chains could develop and organize themselves into a helix similar to DNA.  
Then a proposal for metabolism is suggested, where energy is released by hydrogen reacting with acetylene. Indeed, there are studies suggest this chemistry might enclose a cellular structure.  One scientist suggests that life forms on Titan might be like large sheets of paper with little suckers to get food from the environment, maybe analogous a little bit to jellyfish on Earth (not exactly “Free Fish).

The film presents a lake of host asphalt in Trinidad that may 

NASA picture of Titan's structure, Wikipedia link

Saturday, August 12, 2017

"Unbelievably Strange Planets in Space" include Titan

Unbelievably Strange Planets in Space” by Ridddle, starts out by exploring some very hot planets, including a couple where it rains glass, and where winds are many multiples of the speed of sound. 

It explores some hot Jupiters, and planets with multiple suns, and a planet around a blue giant, before it suddenly switches gears and looks at the practice of “BARE” air surfing, and then imagines moving to Titan.

In a reducing atmosphere, acetylene would be the fuel of choice, and cities or space stations might float in the thick atmosphere because of low gravity (1/7 of Earth).  But it also proposes a rail transit system.

Actually, it might be possible to building floating cities around Venus, because 30 miles altitude the temperatures are Earth-like.  Get over surface-ism.

Wikipedia link for NASA p.d. chart of Kepler exoplanets. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

"Mysterious Activity on Saturn's Moon Titan": group claims military-style building spotted on surface

SecureTeam10 presents "Mysterious Activity on Saturn’s Moon Titan" (10 min)

The film shows a small isthmus in Titan’s second largest methane lake, which disappears and reappears.

Later (at 7:36) the film shows what looks like man-made military buildings, square shaped, on one of the plains near a lake, claiming aliens built them, and then it shows images of cylindrical UFO’s called “RingMakers” around Saturn.

Astronomers have found vinyl cyanide on Titan, which is capable of making cell membranes, as explained here in Popular Mechanics.

Russians claim to have made an artificial cell which can self-replicate with this kind of membrane and various other methyl compounds (like crystal meth) without water.

The video mentions the film “Oblivion” (4/23/2013) as where Earthlings fled to.

Wikipedia attribution link for Titan-Earth Polar Clouds, p.d., NASA 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Is VidAngel Legal?" I think this does belong in DC Shorts

"Is VidAngel Legal?" is indeed an interesting meta-short film "about" legal skullduggery in Hollywood.

Here is the company's own version of the legal fight with Hollywood.

The narrative involves a "secret" contract in Hollywood to block all user filtering, which was apparently discovered by North Korea's Sony Pictures hack;  there followed Congress's "Family Movie Act" which tried to make the service (for parents to filter objectionable content from movies) legal.

See also my "filering Internet content" blog for coordinated post (see Blogger profile). It's conceivable that VidAngel's legal issues could become relevant in the fight against Section 230 motivated by the Backpage controversy.  

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind" from NatGeo, from North Carolina

Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind”, from National Geographic, is a short film documenting a cat-tracking project in North Carolina among cat owners who allow cats to roam.

The idea is to assess the effect of the cats on wildlife.

When owners went away for one weekend, the cat navigated toward a house he used to live in a mile away, and returned when the owners returned. 

Monday, August 07, 2017

"Jack Andraka: The Hidden Innovator" talks about bullying and then science and nanobots

Jack Andraka gives a talk in September 2015, “Jack Andraka: The Hidden Innovator” for Wired for Wonder.

In the early part of the video he addresses anti-nerd and ant-gay bullying (the latter may follow the former) in middle school. 

He presents many illustrations from his progress toward his pancreatic cancer test, which won a big science fair award in Pittsburgh in 2013 when he was 16. 

Toward the end he presents ideas, which he works on at Stanford where he now enters his junior year, toward using naontechnology to deliver anti-cancer drugs or to even detect early cancers.  One can imagine, from the illustrations, his getting together with Reid Ewing and making an animated film using manga or Danganronpa characters interacting with nanobots inside the human body 

By LPS.1 - Own work, CC0, wiki link

Sunday, August 06, 2017

"Could the God Particle Wipe Out the Universe?" That is, the Higgs Boson

Jack Daniel asks “Could the God Particle Wipe Out the Universe?” in another Strange Mysteries video.

The video concerns the Higgs, Boson, an elementary particle which is theoretically capable of causing “vacuum decay” which spreads through the Universe at the speed of light. It would cause existence to fail. But since space expands faster than the speed of light, it might never reach us even if it formed.
The videos is in SM’s usual 4-part format.  (See earlier film March 21, 2014 about Higgs.) 

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Ashton Kutcher addresses Congress on sex trafficking (video from C-SPAN)

For the first “movie” this month (major reviews are now on Wordpress), I’ll embed 15 minutes of  (actor, film producer)  Ashton Kutcher’s passionate testimony about sex trafficking before Congress early this year.

Kutcher ties sex trafficking to unintended consequences of other policies, especially reluctance to provide more help to refugees.  He also says that 70% of those in prison and 80% of those on death rom have been in the US foster care system.

He also attributes sex trafficking crime to a sense of marginalization and purposelessness in a competitive society.  He mentions the Dark Web, but does not directly mention regular websites, hosting providers, downstream liability and Section 230.  I have a posting on my main “BillBoushka” blog today (see the Profile) about a new Senate bill that reduces Section 230 with respect to trafficking and the controversies associated with Backpage.

Mr. Kutcher had the Thorn Digital Defenders of Children project in Los Angeles. 

Kutcher (“@aplusk” on Twitter) coined the phrase “Real men don’t buy girls”.
In 2012, Kutcher tweeted an invitation to his followers to a party in the Hollywood Hills the week I was there staying on the 405.  I didn’t try to go.  

I'm struck again with wondering why the presidency attracts someone like Trump, but not Kutcher (now 39), who is so obviously fit for office.  Public office is attracting the wrong people.