Saturday, July 22, 2017

"In the Mind of Plants": can plants "think" and do they have some level of deliberative consciousness?

In the Mind of Plants” (2016) is a 50-minute documentary by French documentarian Jacques Mitsch, narrated by  Sharon Mann.

The film starts with die die-off of certain herbivores in northeastern South Africa, when they consume the leaves of a certain bush that has developed unusually high concentrations of tannic acid, which compromises the digestive systems of the animals.

The film looks at how vines of the pea plant (or wild grape) finds surfaces to warp vines around, but growing stems at a fractally lower rate on the concave side.

BIt also looks at how some carnivorous plants work (indeed, “Plants Behaving Badly” from PBS). 
Finally, the documentary looks at how the cells of the root tip of most seeded plants have certain chemical messengers resembling those of animals’ central nervous systems, which may explain how plants root themselves.  It could also help explain how some small wild cherry trees near a house are hard to eliminate just by cutting them off.

The film shows botany conference in the mountains in Solvakia.
The YouTube copy had 20 extra minutes at the end with some repeated material from the documentary. 

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