Sunday, July 30, 2017

"If Titan Were a Moon of Earth", and the same for Europa; remember how "2010" ends with a leprous Jupiter blowing up

If Titan Were a Moon of Earth”  is a nice little short film (4 min) by Dreksler, imagining what would happen to Titan (the largest moon of Saturn) were moved to an orbit similar to our own Moon.  It might become habitable, after the hydrocarbons evaporated and the ice melted. 

The only thing is that Titan is a pretty interesting place where it is (or "as is", as realtors say).  It does have a subsurface ocean under the ice (like Europa), which could give it another place for life, in addition to its hyrdrocarbon-lakes surface.  Maybe good for some pretty interesting alien politics.
There are similar hypothetical videos by this publishers, including “If Europa Became a Moon of Earth” here. Remember that Arthur C. Clarke's  (MGM, director Peter Hyams) "2010: The Year We Make Contact"  (1984) imagines Jupiter becoming part of a binary star and Europa becoming a habitable planet to be left alone. (We're seven years late already.)

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