Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Jack Andraka's nanobots, and another short film

I thought I would pass along another short film, embedded in a medical article, about the work of Jack Andraka  “Young Inventor Achieves Childhood Dream at the INTEL ISEF”

The article discusses Jack’s interest in using biosensors and nanobots for early disease detection in everyone.  There was even a comic-book-like image of Jack in a space suit on Twitter, calling him “Nano Man” (like in “Fantastic Voyage”).

Recently AOL had some sponsored content claiming that nanobots would be the biggest technological invention ever, even surpassing the Internet. And no, Al Gore didn’t invent them.

I had mentioned an earlier short film about Jack by Morgan Spurlock here April 28. 2010.

A world where people are constantly monitored prophylactically demands a lot more social support for people so they can have down time when problems are found without losing their places.  “Caught early??”

Here’s a recent video of Jack being interviewed in Dubai.

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