Sunday, June 04, 2017

"If You Think We Are Not Alone in the Universe": short film with many first-kind encounters

If You Think We Are Not Alone in the Universe” by the God Particle, is a 16-minute 2016 short film that shows a lot of “close encounters of the first kind” footages, of unusual lights reported to be UFO’s.

One of the sequences seems to be the lights over Phoenix in 1997.  Other sequences are over Florida and England (2015).  In one sequence over a beach, lights appear in pairs and triplets.

The film invokes the usual probabilistic argument for extraterrestrial life.

Strange Mysteries offers “What If You Downloaded Someone Else’s Memories?”  This is an idea implicit in my “Angel’s Brother” manuscript.  The general answer is that the other person’s memories tend to become more like your own fantasies.  Not good enough.

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