Monday, May 15, 2017

"Is Death Like Being Asleep?"; I joined "Patreon" for Strange Mysteries

Is Death Like Being Asleep?” is another Strange Mysteries video that caught my attention.

The 10-minute short makes the point that in most deaths, after the heart and lungs stop working and so do all other organs, the brain cells can function for about 10 minutes.

The person may experience a “Core”,a dark nothingness, or some dream like material. Furthermore the brain secrets a chemical that makes time seem to slow-down  In a space-time sense, the person’s life-track make take on a certain kind of cosmic permanence.

Perhaps fragments of his “life review” persist forever with others through some kind of quantum entanglement with others in his family group, as a “ghost”.

An earlier part of the video explains the natural states of normal sleep by comparison, including REM sleep.

I joined “Patreon”, a video community, for $2 a month, which allows the viewer to see bonus videos and to submit videos in a certain thematic format appropriate for the YouTube channel, which says it has had trouble because some of its material is not “advertiser friendly”. I watched “What Happens If You Can’t Die” as a bonus.

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