Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"How Would You Envision a Space Colony?"

How Would You Envision a Space Colony?”, short film from National Geographic with Rick Tumlinson,  It’s in the “FreeThink” series called “A New Space Age”, from its Short Film Showcase.

It’s inspired by Gerard K. O’Neil’s  book“The High Frontier”. O'Neill didn't just write, he acted and formed an organization. 
Tumlinson compares today's kids to those living in the 1500s about the time that the explorers went across the Atlantic looking for the New World.

Tunlinson has kids and young adults designing a Rama-like space colony, even with artificial gravity, that he thinks people could be living on in twenty years. He says people will go to live on these colonies, the Moon, or Mars, or maybe further (like near Europa or Titan?)
   The speakers say that the kids there at the conference may well become the first permanent settlers on space.

Think of the comparison to those who settled the New World, although there is no land to expropriate from indigenous peoples this time.

This reminds me of Dan Fry’s Understanding group in the 1970s, where I attended several of his conventions in the 1970s.

One girl used Minecraft do design a 3-D hologram of her conceived habitat. Interesting idea for moviemaking. 

(Updated: Thursday, April 8, 2021 after a second watching). 

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