Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Galleon Andalucia": the ship built for a movie about 16th Century Spanish explorers

The exhibit of El Galeon (now in Alexandria VA for Memorial Day weekend) accompanies the development of a new film “Galleon” (there is one “L” in Spanish).  This is apparently a film (“Galleon”, from Bleecker Street) about the 16th century Spanish explorer ship which was reconstructed in St. Augustine, FL.

Mark Moorer, screenwriter, presents the ship in this video. I wonder what it would be like to be hired to write this kind of script.

The exhibit in Alexandria showed a 20-minute short film (from “NOA”)  on the construction of the replica ship, mostly with basic carpentry skills and tools, called “Galleon Andalucia”.  The film was shown in the lowest level f the ship.  You learn how rope is made from the sisal plant.

There was also drone video of the ship, taken from across the Potomac over Fort Washington, MD.

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