Saturday, May 13, 2017

"4 Rights We Will Lose in Future" from Strange Mysteries

4 Rights WE  Will Lose in Future” from Strange Mysteries (a series) starts out by preaching that we should be grateful for living in a modern, free country, a privilege proportionally few people have had throughout history.

But we have willingly surrendered our privacy already (not just to Facebook), to the extent that the idea of “consenting adults in private” would no longer work as a legal argument (Ii depended on this so much on my first DADT book in 1997 on gays in the military).  We’ve given up on equality already, especially in genetics, which insurance companies are likely to want to read as “pre-existing conditions”.  We give up our rights to receive and even post information as Trump dismantles network neutrality – this film seems to think that the big telecom companies will block publishers who don’t pay them off. (We'll lose "The Right to YouTube" as a corollary.) And we’ll give up the right to drive to Uber’s driverless cars, to avoid human error.  Will there be “positive car control” like “positive train control”

There is a collateral film that enumerates four rights we will gain, for another time.  But are these all part of "Our Fundamental Rights" (my 1998 booklet)?

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