Monday, April 17, 2017

OK, here's a short film made out of a chess game

I’ll let this chess game count as a “movie” once: “Magnus Carlsen vs. 2027 Player: 6 Things to Learn”.

Carlsen is the World Champion Chess Player right now, ay age 26.  Here he is playing an expert in a speed game or simultaneous.

It’s an English opening, and Carlsen leaves the books quickly with a bizarre wing move, and proceeds to completely outplay his opponent with “pawn shredding” and developing wing pieces without moving them.

Here’s another game against a B Player (link).

It's a Pirc defense, and neither side wanted to stay in the books.

Carlsen sees chess as sports or athletics.  Imagine him playing shortstop for the Chicago Cubs. Oh, Europeans don't play baseball, they play soccer. Look up his images on Google.

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