Thursday, March 16, 2017

Unusual video short film exhibit at Smithsonian Hirshhorn in Washington DC; non-profit documentary or art film will need more private support under Trump's budget "manifesto"

On the way to a screening of “Voices of Chernobyl” (to be reviewed soon on my Wordpress blog) at the Ring Theater downstairs in the Hisrhhorn Museum of the Smithsonian in Washington DC tonight.

 I found another video exhibit downstairs of unusual experimental short film.

Here's the inventory:

Agniezska Polska: “I Am the Mouth”; Helen Marten: “Orchids: Or a Hemispherical Bottom”; Ed Atkins:”Warm Spring Mouths”; Josh Kline: “Patriot Acts”; Ian Cheng: “Emissary in the Squat of Gods”.  Kline’s video included an animation of a speech by Barack Obama.

The Smithsonian could certainly come under pressure in Donald Trump's budget (as will PBS), and need more private sources of sponsorship, funding and investment.

Vox called the president's budget proposal a "Manifesto".  Is that an allusion to me, since my first book (DADT-1) was always called "The Manifesto". 

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