Thursday, March 02, 2017

"Quantum Theory" and the movement of consciousness among dimensions (and "The Paradox of Procreation")

Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves to Another Dimension at Death” (9 Min) is a mouthful or words for a title from this little film strip from UFOMania.

It’s based on a book “Biocentrism” by Robert Lanza.

Does consciousness create the physical universe, or is it the other way around?

Well, practically all religion will accept the idea that God created the universe, perhaps at the Big Bang, and made all the physics constants just right for life.  Or we may be living inside a statistically improbable occurrence.

Procreation would seem to imply creating new conscious beings by conscious choices (of mates).  That implies that living beings have some discretion in how they change the Universe and reverse its entropy.

Nevertheless, some kind of consciousness had to pre-exist (God).  Is it reasonable that a filament of consciousness of sentient being continues after death, maybe in the unused dimensions of string theory, maybe bound to dark energy  Maybe the information from each life layers a black hole..

So then maybe that consciousness re-assembles and attaches itself to the microtubules inside the neurons of another newborn baby, for reincarnation.  But then the parents are no longer practicing procreation.  Instead, they are facilitating life for a “being” who already exists and needs another chance.  Childlessness (and homosexuality) seemingly denies these beings future incarnations.

There seems to be a reconciliation in the idea of distributed consciousness – bees and ants have it, but so do orcas and dolphins, to some extent.  Humans experience it maybe as eusociality, or maybe something like the “wisdom of the people” which authoritarian politicians want to exploit.  Somehow to learn what this is, you need walk in someone else’s shoes.  If you’re a gay man, you want to sit in your lover’s lap (like a particular scene in “The Dark Place”, Dec. 2, 2014 here). Or maybe you can be a young filmmaker who meets his older self (like Danny in “Judas Kiss”) and has sex with him, never to mention it again.  Or maybe, as Reid Ewing once said, you can counsel your younger self.

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