Sunday, March 19, 2017

Book self-publishing services connecting to pitch-fest for film development

iUniverse (arm of Author solutions) recently announced it was offering a service to help authors develop their books into screenplays and enter them into “PitchFest” events, link.

While this is interesting, I have already developed a screenplay, called “Do Ask, Do Tell: Epiphany”, along with Hauge analysis (link).  My material is so eclectic that it doesn’t lend itself to cookie-cutter techniques.

I recommend people interested in movie development also look at Project Greenlight (Feb. 10), as well as try to find screenwriting clubs in their cities (Minneapolis-St Paul was excellent when I lived there).  Try also to get to know IFP chapters (in Minneapolis it is IFPMN).  In some cities, clubs can arrange table readings and stage readings (they were done in the Jungle Theater near Lake Street when I lived in Minneapolis).  Try to get to know the production facilities (in Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, as well as Vancouver and Toronto).
There is a certain culture in the indie film world as to what kinds of  "domestic comedy" or "dramedy" scripts get somewhere.  The Duplass Brothers seem to get this right.

Some of the younger actors and producers and directors seem quite approachable on Facebook and Twitter – even given Hollywood’s “Third Party Rule”.

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