Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House": CNN Films makes this a real movie

CNN Films releases a “movie” tonight, “The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House”.  Ironically, ABCNews offers a commentary here,

CNN’s own rather festive link with many video clips is here.

The film starts with a recitation of the night that Trump won the election, scoring more runs with fewer hits (by analogy to baseball) with a realization coming over everyone gradually after about 10 PM.  The sun did come out on November 9, and President Obama gave a pep talk to a sad-faced audience.

A lot of the film does show the niceties around the White House, including the kitchen staff that stays there during many administrations.

The film did not get into the sensitive issues of actually transferring power – how do you keep the Pentagon running as defense secretaries change, how do you keep the chain of command in those minutes right around the swearing in, how do you keep intelligence services and federal law enforcement when leadership changes.  And it looks like not all the cabinet will be in place.
The title of the film looks odd as a blog posting title.  No, I expect more postings here.  But a president Trump could trample on user-generated content online over certain security arguments, given what has happened.

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