Sunday, January 29, 2017

Milo Begins Construction on the Wall

Milo Yiannopoulos has made a satirical gay fashion film for “Breitbart Films”, “Milo Begins Construction on the Wall”.

Look at the nice bodies, some of them hairy, others smooth. Too many tattoos.  Breitbard has an accompanying article here.

Seriously, I wonder, if Milo making fun of The Wall (like the Austrian film, linked here on Blogger), or making fun of the objections to it.  He isn’t born in the US, but Milo might actually make a decent head of state.  Let him replace Bannon as Trump’s national security adviser.
Still, all the controversy about Milo, seems to be his rejection of political correctness and “crybaby” attitudes.

Here’s a CNN video on what it would take to build the wall.  About 1200 miles of the 1900+ border is unfenced. And in some areas illegal traffic is a real problem.

Wikipedia attribution link of El Paso-Juarez, my MWilliams151, CCSA 3.0.  I visited it and drove a rent car into Juarez in 1979

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