Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trey Yingst makes impressive short film of his college experiences at American University journalism school

Trey Yingst, a correspondent for One America News  , a somewhat “conservative” cable news network headquartered in San Diego, has posted a 6 minute short film on his Facebook page, which he calls “My Journalism Reel from College”, which was at American University in Washington DC.  Yingst also worked at (and actually founded with Ford Fisher)  an earlier network associated with the University called “News2Share”.

The video is (as of this writing) the first one on the page.  I would play it full screen, as the video work is impressive.  There are shots from Baltimore and St. Louis and overseas conflict locations.

The link is here.  There is a lot of direct conflict and riot footage.  I have suggested that he could work this into a documentary feature on conflict journalism, or a longer short film (for say, submission to DC Shorts film festival in September).

One could also envision a documentary about journalism and political objectivity.  Most of the major broadcast networks (as well as CNN) are viewed as “liberal”, except for Fox, which tends to feature conservative commentators.  OAN strikes me as comparable to Fox.  OAN places emphasis on getting “on the ground” stories as they happen, with interviews with people affected by local conflict and unrest from authoritarians or from disorder.  Vox produces many interpretive videos and explanatory “card stacks” but doesn’t have a cable network (yet), it  strikes me as liberal to progressive (with some fiscally conservative commentators like Tim Lee).

I met Trey at a “Your Voice Your Future” session on terrorism set up in Arlington VA by WJLA-7 in February 2015 (during a small ice storm).  WJLA tends moderate to liberal, but its owner, Sinclair (in Baltimore) is viewed as another conservative news organization. Sinclair has produced several stories on electric power grid vulnerability, trying to get the subject into the mainstream.

Yingst was arrested reporting at Ferguson, and filed civil suit, which was settled with dropping of charges, story.

For another short film, "How Sugary Foods Are Making Us Fat" (18 minutes, Journeyman Films), see my "Major Issues" blog Dec. 30, 

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