Friday, December 23, 2016

"So Dear to My Heart": grading people in life on a curve, perhaps?

Let me recall one of the first (but the very first) feature films I ever saw.  It is Walt Disney’s “So Dear to My Heart”, the animated film about Uncle Remus fables directed by Harold D. Schuster and Hamilton Luske.  It was released in January 1949, when I was in a private kindergarten (the “Brownies and Elves” thing) but I think I saw it with my parents at the old State Theater on Lee Highway in Falls Church VA, now a historical site normally used for rock concerts.

The story concerns a farm boy (hardly Clark Kent) who adopts a playful lamb. This sort of reminds me of people getting adopted by stray cats who invite themselves in.

The most famous song is “Whtcha Do with Wathca Got” (“what you do with what you’ve got”), a moral point about how we look at people.

I seem to remember an important scene on a Thomas-like train toward the end.

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