Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Beyond our Sight": documentary purports to explain the afterlife through NDE's with dark matter and string theory dimensions

Beyond our Sight” by Anthony Chene (2014), is an interesting 53-minute documentary that argues for the after-life, primarily by interviewing in rotation a few survivors of near-death experiences. Most were men caught in accidents;  one was a woman who recalls a botched tonsillectomy during childhood.  Most incidents seemed to happen in the Pacific northwest (Oregon).

All subjects recall the “tunnel” and the light at the end, and one man said he was told by “God” that his work on Earth wasn’t done, but that he had to figure out his own mission. (Eben Alexander's book, on Book reviews, March 30, 2013, seems relevant).

A scientist says that consciousness and what we call souls may reside in dark energy, and that the brain becomes rather like a receiver, or end-user interface computer (along with senses) to process it.

 This would tend to suggest reincarnation, but that other lives might be lived in different universes.

 He also talks about string theory, the seven extra dimensions predicted by math, and the one M-dimension (is that “time”?)  Other dimensions may be expressed in other universes where people or souls go.

Man is the only species who knows his physical life will end some day (maybe dolphins know this).

I’ve seen theories maintaining that the information in one’s consciousness gets stored on the surface of a black hole and that it gets sent there in “light sheets”.  That was in a Discover issue about four years ago, and right now I can’t find it.  But here are a few other similar references, one from “Stackexchange”, and a two references (from sci-news and livescience) where Stephen Hawking talks about information preservation in a black hole.

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