Thursday, November 17, 2016

"The Yak in the Room": shocking short film about a campus speech codes and expulsion of a student for "passive racism"

Here’s a shocking short film “The Yak in the Room” by Nathan Gelfand-Toutant.  A white male (heterosexual) undergraduate at Colorado College gets suspended for two years (later reduced to one) after a “Yik Yak: session in which he merely said he doesn’t find black women hot.

The comment occurred in a rapid interchange, and at first the student didn’t think anything of it.  The next day he was suddenly called to a Dean’s office to face his “punishment”.  The suddenness of this reminds me of my own William and Mary expulsion n 1961.

But is saying that you are not sexually attracted to someone of a particular race, itself racism?  Theoretically I guess it reduces someone else’s reproductive chances (if you believe in the demographic winter argument – which ironically Is usually argued by the socially conservative right). 

I see evidence of this kind of thinking myself on disco floors.  If I pay attention (by watching intensely, even from some distance) to someone who fits my “Smallville Clark Kent” fantasy, sometimes another person who does not fit this fantasy (often a black female) suddenly challenges me to dance, and gets upset if I refuse.

As for the women in the film, they seem so thin-skinned.  The student’s comments in no way indicated exclusion of others from anything but a personal intimate relationship.  Yet the college was aggressive in throwing him out. 

No wonder some people on the “right” said, “enough” in this election.

This is campus speech codes gone way too far. 

The film appears on the Facebook public figure page of Milo Yiannopoulos (Nov. 3), who has been banned from Twitter.

Update: Nov 12, 2019  -- The direct link doesn't work and YouTube is private;  Linked-In has the video here

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