Thursday, November 03, 2016

Milo lets himself get hazed in "short film" made in a lecture at Dartmouth

"Gaycon" blogger Milo Yiannopoulos from Breitbart has a two-minute short film where he gets hazed physically in front of a lecture at Dartmouth, link here.  I need to give this movie a title: "The Dangerous Faggot Milo: In Defense of Hazing".  Yes,, go ahead and put this into DC Shorts for 2017.

The "drinking" and waterboarding are not as erotic as other things I can think of.  The foam gets close.

The full lecture below on Milo's YouTube is the "feature" film.
I talk about this in Chapter 1 of my "DADT-1" book, the "tribunals" at William and Mary in 1961.  I skipped out on them. I reenact what they might have looked like in my "Epiphany" screenplay.

Of course, the lecture is a reaction to the debate on limiting fraternities and hazing on campus.

Watch also, "BBC Ambushes Milo" here.

Update: Nov. 16

USA Today reports the banning of alt-right accountsby Twitter, although Milo's (despite the claim his was canned) seems still to be there.

In fact Milo's permanent suspension had occurred some time ago, and is detailed on NPR here

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