Sunday, November 20, 2016

Jose Antonio Vargas: "White People" for MTV; he could face deportation under Trump (maybe?)

Jose Antonio Vargas, former Washington Post journalist who made “Documented” has made a 40-minute short for MTV, “#WhitePeople” (or “White People”, on YouTube now (July 2015).  The prevailing theme dealt with whether white people really feel any sense of identity with race, or have any sense of inherited privilege, from which some could be expected to "give back" (but the reverse of that idea seemed to be behind electing Trump). 

Vargas interviews college students and peers on various campuses and situations.  In a small town, a black person says, “everyone is nice, but we think that behind our backs they say something.”  Or, “you’re one of the good ones.”

A white male high school history teacher talks about having to level with the bad things white men did, besides slavery, to, say. Native Americans, with the Wounded Knee battle and the 1890 Lashoda conquest in South Dakota. There's a Sioux word for "greedy white people." 

The conversations try to dispel a myth that reverse discrimination denies white people scholarships. 62% of college students are white, but 69% of the scholarships are held by white students.

There is a door-knocking campaign in Bensonhusrt, Brooklyn NY to get the signatures for a block party.  Some people are afraid to answer doors because of home invasion fears.

There are fears that under president-elect Donald Trump, Vargas himself might get deported, as was written up recently in “Occidental Dissent” here,  and was spread on Facebook today.

Vargas has an important op-ed on p. 6 of the New York Times review today, "Undocumented in Trump's America".  I didn't see this earlier this morning when I first learned about the MTV film. 

The film did not get into interracial relationships, and the controversy among some people of openness to them (previous film).  Among white men, sometimes there are more differences in sexual secondary characteristics than among non-white men.  

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