Monday, November 14, 2016

Bryce Harper (Nationals' baseball star) makes a short film (maybe good for Angelika's "Pre-Show")

Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals outfielder) has made a 90-minute short film for ESPN and Yahoo! Sports, saying that Baseball (MLB) needs more emotion in the game.  I hope the link sticks.    I need to give the film an official title. “Baseball Needs More Emotion”.

You may need to be logged on to Facebook to see it.

Actually, I hope he makes other short films, like when he took a hike on the Billy Goat Trail along the Potomac at Glen Echo MD on an off day.  Or when he has breakfast at Ted’s.  Maybe Angelika Mosaic (next door to Ted’s in Fairfax VA)N can use it for the pre-show.  Lately Angelika has been showing a pre-show short about “Procrastination”, and interpretive meditation as a cure.
Richard Harmon (“Judas Kiss”, “The 100”, "The Greatest of All Time"), who likes the Fighting Irish, the Buffalo Bills, and the San Francisco Giants (why not the Toronto Blue Jays?) would like this.

Update: Feb. 5

Harper made another little film today of his own Super Bowl party and beamed it on Facebook, before the Falcons collapsed and blew the game.

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