Wednesday, November 09, 2016

"All-American Family: Where Deafness Is Not a Disability", short film on CNN by Andrew Jenks

Andrew Jenks Entertainment has a 12-minute short on CNN Films, “All-American Family: Where Deafness Is Not a Disability”, link here or here.

The film traces a preparation of a Pleasanton high school football team in the Bay Area in California, where several members are deaf and talk in sign.  The mother is deaf, as are two sons, including Zane the quarterback, but the other family members hear.

The team prepares for a big game, and the clock counts down.  The team wins 48-0.

Of course, Malcolm Gladwell thinks that all football (at least in high school) is morally problematic because of the concussion risk.

The video above is an interview of Jenks, “The World of Jenks” on PopSugar on MTV.
By Alfred Twu - Own work, CC0, Link

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