Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Michael Moore in Trumpland" (Wilmington, Ohio), on iTunes

Today, I watched “Michael Moore in Trumpland” after upgrading iTunes on my MacBook.  It seems that right now the film is available from iTunes ($4.95) but I don’t see it on Amazon Prime yet.  This is Moore’s “October surprise.”  The best site seems to be here.

Most of the film (72 minutes) consists of Michael Moore’s doing a comedy routine on a well-furnished stage in Wilmington, Ohio (north of Cincinnati) , in the heart of white blue-collar “Trumpland”.

 The middle of the film is punctuated with a comic enactment of what happens on January 20, 2017 if Trump is elected.

Trump makes a good point when he tells the white middle class, OK, throw a tantrum.  I’ve had enough, of all kinds of indignities – job loss, higher premiums.  But then the fan stops a week later.  At the end, he says, hate Hillary all you like.  But vote for her.

He also mentions the right wing “demographic winter” argument, and says it comes down to “the right babies” or “more white babies.”  But actually, minorities who emigrate to the US gradually reduce fertility while living here.

Moore gets to become rich himself by making fun of the other rich.  He’s not the only one.

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