Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Hooligan Sparrow": Chinese try to cover up abuse of elementary school girls by a principal

Hooligan Sparrow”, by Nanfu Wang, documents the journey of activist Ye Haiyan in rural southern China (Hainan?), to blow the whistle on an elementary school principal who abuses at least six girls. In the US, this would lead to immediate dismissal, investigation and prosecution. Not in China,
  Along the way, she faces harassment and imprisonment herself.

The film also touches on the role of women in rural Chinese culture, the expectation that they will be “realistic” in finding marriage partners.  It also gets into the process by which impoverished young girls become sex workers in China.  There is the idea that in China women sacrifice for men.

The later part of the film shows a long train ride to the north,

The PBS broadcast Monday Oct. 18 on POV-Independent Lens was followed by a brief featurette interview of the director. PBS link is here.

Wikipedia attribution link by Anna Frodesiak, pd.

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