Wednesday, October 05, 2016

"Blood of the Beasts", 1949 short film, shows the bowels of the slaughterhouse industry in at the "gates of Paris"

Blood of the Beasts” (“Le Sang des betes”), 22 min, 1949, by Georges Franju, makes a moral case for veganism today.  Or call it high art.  Or is this a stretch to say, as nobody took food for granted then, so shortly after WWII and Nazi occupation?  It reminds me of the class trip to France that I did not take in early 1958 in ninth grade.

The film, narrated in English, starts out at the “Gates of Paris” with a glorification of the natural squalor around, before showing a business that slaughters horses.  At least it uses an electric prod to cause instant death.  The animals are flayed and eviscerated, and workers have lost limbs in the process.

After another scene of the “gates” we see similar slaughter houses for cows and then sheep.  Some of the executions are done by decapitation. In all cases, the cooperative animals are led by their captors, having no idea that their sentience is about to end.

An old church is used as an auction center.

The workers do this to support their families, and feed the post-War French people.

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